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Noorul M Promotions

Noorul M Promotions specialises in marketing, promotions and event production. Our passion is showcasing entrepreneurial talent and skills within our community via events and markets.

We also market and promote other events, initiatives, fundraisers, workshops etc. that educate and benefit the community.

We are constantly looking at new ways to help small businesses boost their brands. We now offer social media management . Helping you create an online presence for your small business and managing all your posts, sales promotions, ads and social media pages setup.

Our Vision: To create events that showcase entrepreneurship skills while also empowering the community and to keep these events unique, creative and feasible. “Like” our page and stay informed…

About Munira Carim

Munira Carim , is director of Noorul M Promotions. She loves creating platforms to help individuals and entrepreneurs in the community showcase their talents. Munira is World Hijab Day Ambassador for Johannesburg and also Chairperson of the Sassy Splashers Book Club.

She is also a wife, mum to 3 boys, student of Islam and an archery addict.

She loves being of service to the community and is always looking for new and exciting ideas to bring to our hometown.



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Yasir Qadhi SA Tour

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Fire & Spice Lenasia

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Jozi Books & Blogs Festival

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YBAA (Young Business Achievers Award)

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